We'll continue to work on solving social issues through our business.

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Representative Director, President and Executive Officer and Chairman of Sustainability

Noburu Takeda

Kitamura Holdings Group Management Philosophy / Rationale

We would like to bring about a kind of society where everyone can be satisfied to their hearts' content. This comes in our mission of "reflecting time and living with our hearts." In that way, we help people to make important "moments," "memories," and "recollections" through photographs and videos. To that end, it goes without saying that the employees and all stakeholders involved in the operation of the company must first be happy. It's about creating an environment in which each person's individuality and values are respected and people can feel happy by working to grow the company, which maintains the aim of remaining close to people's hearts.
At the same time, we aim to make an impression of the beauty and diversity of nature as well as living creatures around the world through photographs and videos, and to share that excitement. And we believe that this sort of impression will lead to the fostering and understanding of environmental conservation awareness. The Group will take the initiative in reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to a sound material-cycle society through business focuses such as reuse and repair.
We are one of the world's leading photo life companies, and at the same time, we strive to create a society where you can experience a level of richness through photo life.

Sustainability for our group

The Group's economic activities of pursuing happiness by enhancing photo life are in line with the SDGs global effort target. In other words, the growth of our business and the group has led to the promotion of sustainability, and we feel that we are completing meaningful and first-rate business projects. Therefore, we have set the following five material issues as important sustainability items for the Group:

1. Climate change measures and implementations of a sound material-cycle society
2. Contribution to a happy and prosperous society through the enhancement of photo life
3. The creation of a rewarding environment
4. Diversity and inclusion
5. Governance and compliance that brings about sustainable growth

These items represent our long-term strategy itself and providing value to the social environment is a long-term goal for us as well, and we believe that this will eventually lead to further growth.

Concrete Sustainability Initiatives

At KITAMURA HOLDINGS Co.,Ltd., we will introduce the initiatives that we are currently doing or plan to do in the future by dividing them into E (Environment), S (Social), and G (Governance).


The reuse market is expanding in market size in Japan. As of 2019 the recycling business market has exceeded 2 trillion yen and is expected to grow steadily into the future. The camera reuse market is growing as well, with the current market exceeding 600 billion yen. UCS Co., Ltd., the group company, has a proven track record of more than 30 years since its establishment. It repairs all types of cameras from classics to the latest models, with the aim of helping consumers to use their cameras for a longer period. In response to the expansion of the market, business performance is showing steady growth. The sustainable consumption behavior of "reusing good things" has become established. In addition, the number of requested smartphone repairs is increasing, and the value of carefully continuing to use repaired products is steadily expanding. We will further support these trends in terms of technology and experience.

We have implemented environmentally friendly initiatives throughout the entire group. Specifically, all our print laboratories take out the chemicals contained in the waste liquid generated during photo development and the silver applied to the surface of photographic paper to make them harmless. This acts to detoxify the local environment, and we're thorough in the maintenance of these goals.
With regard to energy use, approximately 700 stores of Camera Kitamura and Studio Mario across Japan have gradually been switched to clean electricity consumption with zero CO2 emissions.


The Group provides a variety of photo-related products and services, and through these, we help our customers to feel that their lives are richer and happier. Due to natural disasters such as floods, which have become larger and larger in recent years, the disappearance of many prized family photo albums has been reported. Since 2011, we have started an initiative to reprint the photos that were purchased on the website operated by our company in the past and, even more, to provide them free of charge. In addition, we will continue to actively work on support activities through the realm of photography.

We have more than 1,000 physical stores nationwide to provide a wide range of services across regions and age groups. At the same time, we strive to expand our online services as technology advances. On the other hand, we're focusing on the site and management as much as possible to create an environment for diversity and inclusion, and we are also working to create a workplace where everyone can work comfortably. We provide growth opportunities for all employees, regardless of whether they are male or female, and, as a result, the ratio of female managers in the entire group has exceeded 30%. For example, most studio business roles, including managers, are run by female members, and the success of women has had a major impact on our business. In addition, since the group's business also has many services that involve face-to-face customer service, the driving force of the business lies behind each employee, and the implementation of a rewarding environment for all employees is precisely the position of the group's growth engine.


Our intention is to maintain an appropriate governance system as a base for achieving sustainable growth.
We have established an Audit and Supervisory Committee to ensure transparency in management decision-making as well as the supervision of business execution. Furthermore, our board of directors is composed of more than half of independent outside directors, and we also have a nominating committee in addition to a compensation committee. In this way, we're working to strengthen corporate governance by ensuring appropriate information disclosure, highly transparent management decision-making, and the supervision of business execution. We also recognize that compliance is one of the most important items in company management, and as a business operator that handles a large amount of extremely personal information such as photographs and imagery, we are making maximum efforts to strengthen the privacy of such information.
We will continue to strive to secure a system that gives stakeholders peace of mind through such efforts.

Basic Policy

basic policy

Five Material Issues

Process for Identifying Process Materiality (Priority Issues)

Kitamura Holdings aims to create a sustainable society and increase corporate value through its business activities.
To achieve this, we will identify social issues that have a large impact on both our company and society through the following steps, and after exchanging opinions with all stakeholders such as employees and experts, we will set five priority issues (materialities).

Stakeholder Dialogue Participants

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    Ken Shibusawa Chief Executive Officer, Shibusawa and Company, Inc.

    In 2001 Shibusawa and Company Co., Ltd. was founded and became the representative director. Commons Co., Ltd. (currently, Commons Investment Trust Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2007, and became chairman of the board in 2008. The Kishida government's "New Capitalism Realization Conference" member, UNDP (United Nations Development Program) SDG Impact Steering Group member, University of Tokyo President's Office Advisor, Brunswick Group Senior Advisor, etc.

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    Ken Ito Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University

    Research on social impact assessment, 2015 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Social Impact Bond Study Group in the Healthcare Field" Chairman, Cabinet Office "Mutual Aid Society Creation Council Social Impact Assessment Study WG", in addition to efforts to promote the spread of social impact assessment, social impact bonds, and social investment in Japan, such as serving as committee chairman.

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    Akira Sakano Director, Zero Waste Japan

    Participated in the NPO Zero Waste Academy, which is responsible for the waste policy of Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture, which made Japan's first "Zero Waste Declaration". Set to co-chair the 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (commonly referred to as the Davos Conference) alongside Microsoft CEOs. From 2020, working on the formation and development of a model for a sound material-cycle society at Zero Waste Japan.

Formulation process

Sustainability Management Systems

Kitamura Holdings newly established the "Sustainability Committee" consisting of directors in February 2022 and the "Sustainability Promotion Office" as a promotion organization in April 2022 to further strengthen and promote sustainable activities.
The Sustainability Committee, chaired by Noburu Takeda, President and CEO of the Company, confirms the progress of sustainability basic policies and goals, deliberates and decides on activity plans, and issues environmental and social issues required of the company. We will continue to promote the expansion of efforts to resolve this issue.
In addition, the results of the examination are reported to the Board of Directors and the Management Committee once a year, and are reflected in the management plan and business activities under supervision.
We will carry out the PDCA cycle in line with this policy and promote sustainability activities.

Sustainability Management Systems